About Us


Anson Boy is an online food ordering & delivery company founded in 2018, who wants to bring conveniences to hungry diners by providing the marvelous delivery service. Our mission is to provide reliable food delivery to diners and at the same time, assisting restaurants to manage their delivery manpower efficiently.


Anson Boy is a food delivery platform who grant you the possibility to have your meals of choice at your office desk, at the right time. We guarantee the best available prices and a reliable service. Our meals are selected based on the most actual market trends and on a ranking system from a huge number of customers like you.

We know how lunch & dinner during working hours can be frustrating due to busy schedule, full elevators, long queues and hot weather outside. That’s why we are willing to take care of your lunch & dinner while you save money and time. Our system also allows you to order with just one click multiple meals from delicious restaurants. Have a lunch meeting or eat together with your teammates is now possible at unbeatable prices